‘A Pat or a Pastie?’

IMG_6963 These two Jack Russells defiantly register their complete disdain towards this little lad and his mum both of whom had stopped to ask the owners if the little boy might be allowed to ‘pat’ their dogs?

In principle the owner had no objections whatsoever; and I clearly heard them both emphasise to the boys mum that they were extremely good natured dogs and really good with young children!

Unless that was; he hadn’t just left the West Cornwall Pasty Co. Award Winning Cornish Pasties Shop…directly opposite from where they were sitting!

So whilst he had regitered no objections to this young mothers request; he then had to go on to explain that despite his best efforts to get the dogs to face the lad; these two were under no circumstances prepared to avert their gaze from the large beef and potato pasty in his hand!

A freshly baked piping hot one; which he was busy nibbling very gingerly due to the heat of the contents enveloped in the finest pastry! Far too hot for him; let alone the now salivating mouths of his two dogs?

And so there they all sat together!

The two dog owners and this somewhat perplexed little boy and his sympathetic mum.

Poor kid… he had sat there so long that even his hairstyle had begun to take on a distinct similarity to the the back end of the two Jack Russells he was so desperate to stroke?

So there we have it…the answer to our question today!

“A pat or a pastie?”

For these two dogs it was simple…No contest!

2 thoughts on “‘A Pat or a Pastie?’

    • Welcome back buddy! Good of you to comment Mike thank you so much.
      Hope you enjoyed your wanderings?
      Look forward to catching up again with your blog!
      Kind Regards

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