‘These Boots Were Made for Walking’

IMG_6253 This young couple were out visiting estate agents today; obviously with a view to purchasing their first home together.

Now for those of you who may have found yourself in a similar situation? I am sure you might well recall the amount of time which can be taken up walking from estate agent to estate agent in this life changing pursuit?

The trouble is though; despite this being your primary objective. When you are out and about as a couple remaining focused on the task in hand whilst strolling through a shopping area with which neither of you are familiar can prove distracting?

Particularly if one of you hates to miss a sale bargain? As there is then this urge to naturally gravitate towards those stores who are advertising such sale items; thus taking ones mind off the task in hand?

For this young woman today then the urge was just too great! She was seduced by the prospect of purchasing at a one off price…this amazing pair of absolutely must have boots!

So good were they…that once back outside of the store she immediately decided that she simply must change the shoes which she had previously been wearing; and put on her new all singing all dancing leather boots.

I loved the way her partner remained alongside her head bowed and patiently holding her property paperwork and bottle of mineral water; whilst she balances with one arm on the side of this shop window trying to remain elegant and poised.

Then with her new boots on; she proceeds to stamp her feet one at a time firmly onto the pavement. Looking a bit like she was about to start performing a flamenco dance or something?

She then repeated this process adding a couple more foot stamps…just to be doubly sure that both her feet were firmly bedded in!

Then smiling happily she retrieves the paperwork and the bottled water.

As they then both walk off together she was definitely looking a little more elevated.

She even had, dare I say it; developed a distinct cat walk swagger in her deportment.

She then takes the guys arm and hands him over the bag containing her old shoes.

These new boots then; were without doubt… made for walking!

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