‘The Full ‘Honey’ Moon Experience’

IMG_5501 Well! Did anybody notice it last night?

Now I am aware that Friday the 13th conjures up a whole batch of superstitions for people; and so not surprisingly the full moon on this particular evening only served to add even more fuel and speculation to these concerns!

But thinking a little more about it. The name ‘honey’ moon isn’t sounding all that scary to me right now!

This nickname refers to the amber colouration or honey hues given off in the darkness of the night.

Making it feel almost romantic even surreal!

These amber colours are due to the scattering of longer wavelengths of light by dust and pollution in the earths atmosphere.

I mean were you aware that this was the first full moon on Friday the 13th in 100 years? It actually last occurred on June 13th 1919.

This phenomenon is also said to bring us all good luck!

So there you go…have some good luck on me today! Our ‘honey’ moon is presently quite close to the Earth; 224,976 miles to be precise or 362,065 kilometers away.

So enjoy… because we won’t see another. Not until that is; June 13th 2098!

9 thoughts on “‘The Full ‘Honey’ Moon Experience’

  1. Yes I saw it last night, what a wonderful sight! Thank you for the insights Bob, very interesting indeed. I could do with all the good luck I can get my hands on right now 🙂

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