‘Not to be sniffed at?’

As I was leaving the first ‘Boot Sale’ held at Strawberry Fields; a venue literally just up the road a bit from where I live.

I couldn’t help but smile at these two people in today’s shot.

This woman had recently purchased these two vintage headless and armless male shop display mannequins. These she then propped up alongside a variety of her other purchases which had also taken her fancy!

Then all of a sudden this guy in his suede hat adorned with a selection of badges; suddenly appears from out of the field where the sellers and their cars were parked.

I watched a while longer and it seemed evident he seemed very keen to introduce himself to the woman; who it appears was awaiting transport for both herself and the all of the other items which she had accumulated?

The first image then; is of him introducing himself to her before going on to discuss maybe his individual thoughts on these fine specimens before him?

The next image however I admit; did take me a little bit by surprise! As he seems from the photograph to be examining something err shall we…say; delicate?

This is all happening as the innocent lady buyer looks on; totally unsure as to exactly what he is endeavouring to achieve with this very intimate technique?

Finally then; with the woman’s curiosity now completely transfixed; he proceeds to raise his right hand; (the one with which he has just performed his recent exploratory examination with) and to sniff at it?

Presumably to test the fragrance??

‘Eau de shop display model’ maybe?

It was at this point I decided I best walk away and leave them both to it?

I am afraid that I can offer you no means of satisfactory explanation for this curious display; other than to say that I have absolutely no comprehension at all of what I had just witnessed?

“People are strange though; are’nt they?”

Anyway I leave you with that thought and sign off by wishing a Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there!

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