‘Colour Therapy’

IMG_6893 Spent the morning down in Palmerston Road and it was really good to see that there were some of the older premises being revamped and updated again.

Maybe we are actually coming through the recession after all?

I had been sitting outside the coffee shop and was about to head up through the pedestrian only precinct; when I saw this very bubbly and colourful character.

Instantly noticeable with this tussle of bright red hair and a distinctive body art tattoos. The first one on the back of her right hand; and another on her right thigh.

Down through the precinct she walked; her little dog secured on the end of a very long retractable dog lead and with a little golden-haired lad who was presumably her little boy?
Who I would have to say…looked equally outstanding!

Dressed in his smart and vivid designer pants; and wearing his little bumper boots; and then this very trendy little spider-man hoody.

I really like people with a sense of fun and mild eccentricity. I also admit that I find myself strangely drawn to them.

People who without understating it; just stand out from the crowd! And often without even trying!

This young mother and her boy certainly did! There was also their little dog who can just be seen sitting patiently at this mothers feet; whilst she reads what would appear to be a rather interesting or amusing text on her mobile phone?

Palmerston Road was a brighter and more pleasant experience today because of the energy brought to it by these three characters…Thank you guys for bringing a smile to my face.

I thought that you all looked brilliant!

That’s why I decided that your image definitely deserved to be up on my blog page today; as I am hoping it will equally bring a smile to the faces all my followers who I am confident might just appreciate it as well?

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