‘School’s Out’

IMG_7036 I was over at Petersfield and it was really quiet; with just a few local shoppers around.

I had just stuck a couple of quid in the ticket machine of the car park because they don’t give out change!!
(Bloody rip off!) Therefore I had intended to maybe snap a few images then treat myself to a cider?
Now I do enjoy a good glass of ice cold cider. Particularly when the weather gets warmer.

Anyway…so there I am sat outside the local boozer; just watching the world go by. Basking in the peace and quiet around me. When without warning; there was a sudden switch in the vibe throughout the town centre.

The atmosphere noticeably changed!

Looking at my watch I then realised that it had gone 3.30 pm…and that meant only one thing? School was out!

So as I sipped; I watched the population of Petersfield virtually double before my eyes!

Within a few brief minutes the sweet and cake shops were flat out serving this constant stream of hungry school kids.

Now having worked for years in schools I understand that they are on a growth spurt and that food is high on their agenda.

But as these kids were all feasting and sharing and exchanging laughter; there were of course the more rebellious pupils from the school. Those who were determined to break away from the normal throng and activity.

Keen to maintain their individual style these were the ones whose priority was most definitely not to frequent these shops. Especially with their school shirt hanging out or with their school ties slightly askew!

Not for them…No way; not ever!

For these more forward thinking kids it was their absolute priority to get out of uniform and fast!

For the lads it was important to get home and get into jeans and trainers! For the girls who maybe wanted to look a bit more grown up?
It was their job to dress right, sort out their hair, whack on a bit of lippy; then usually in pairs or even as a small group; to walk back through town giving the impression they had never even been to school that day at all?

Now if you can remember back to your days at school then I am sure that you might recall all too well exactly how important image and relationships could be?
And how important it was that you were seen to ‘fit in’

So this little group had gathered outside of ‘Specsavers’ and it was interesting for me to watch the dynamic between them develop.

Now the lad on the motor bike was maybe an ex-pupil who having now left school was conveniently in town just to see what was occurring? Comfortable in the knowledge that he could get anywhere else the action was happening; should the need arise.

His mate stood alongside him was not yet so upwardly mobile. But was still more than able to get around; and keep in touch with everyone he knew.

The third lad was maybe a brother to one of these two girls who were both busy looking on; as all three lads checked out their turf to see exactly who was out and about.

It’s fascinating to remember back to what was important when you were their age? To wonder what your plans and priorities were then for when you eventually did leave school?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how these youngsters all turn out; say in five years time?

For their sakes I just hope that they all remain safe and healthy…and that the friendships they form today might remain happy solid and positive.

At least for the forseeable futures?

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