‘Peregrine Watch’

IMG_6970As you can see from tonights blog photograph it was all eyes to the skies in Chichester as they held a free to view day in the RSPB marquee tent recently.

This they set up in the grounds of the Cloisters cafe inside the Cathedral and where you were able to chat with the experts who were all only too willing to spend time with you; and explain fully all about the falcons activity.

Chichester has had a pair of of falcons nesting in the Cathedral turrets since 2001. In this time they have raised 46 chicks together.

This year-two new peregrines have lay claim to the nest site.

Peregrine falcons are the fastest flying birds in the world, known for their spectacular aerial dives or ‘stoops’ in the pursuit of prey. These dives have been known to reach up to 180km per hour.

Mostly they are found nesting off cliffs, including the Sussex coast between Brighton and Eastbourne, but in this case Cathedral turrets will do just fine.

Should you fancy learning a little bit more alout these magnificent birds then why not pop over and take a look on chichesterpergrinesblog.co.uk

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