‘A Fag and a Brew’

IMG_7083Took a drive over to Alresford today (pronounced Allsford) this is an absolute gem of a place.

On their web-page it specifies that this was originally a ‘Georgian Town’ which for many years was a wool town. It is even mentioned in the Domesday Book.

However, the present town didn’t really come into existence until 1200 at the time when the ‘Great Weir’ was being built to create Old Alresford Pond as a fish pond for the Bishop’s Palace at Bishops Sutton, and a reservoir for the mills along the itchen.

The famous colour wash houses you will see here today rose from the ashes of the great fires in the 17th century…many though still retain their 13th century cellars.

Alresford ‘Watercress Line’ is home to the steam railway and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

So I got wondering about this old chap sitting outside one of the kerbside cafes; his roll up cigarette balanced between his fingers and his flat cap covering a mass of silver wavy hair.

Even the way in which he had his cap tipped slightly back on his head seemed to add even more character to him as a person. He just sat there quite contentedly surveying the many people who passed by his table today.

With his pot of tea set out before him; alongside which was one small jug of milk and one bowl of sugar. Then lastly of course; the all important ash tray!

I would have been fascinated to know what his background might have been? He had such great face.

Maybe he was a farmer who worked the land or he may have been involved with the railways?

It would definitely have been interesting to know?

Whatever his background…he seemed to be a very popular individual; with a lot of these Alresford folk.

I say this because so many of them smiled, nodded or spoke briefly with him as he enjoyed his afternoon tea.

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