IMG_5946 On days like these I like to think back to places or situations which left a lasting impression upon me.

This image then of the idyllic pool; was the first thing we would see in the morning from our hotel balcony. It was also the last thing we would see at night.

It was always absolutely pristine and was tended with such care and devotion by ground staff, often on a meagre wage; and whom would always seem to be in and around the complex.

All of these staff whom we met and introduced ourselves too; were women. All were wearing large brimmed straw hats to protect their faces from the intensity of the sun; and each wore a plain taupe coloured shirts; a cotton wrap skirt and toe post sandals.

It didn’t seem to matter what time in the morning we would walk through from our hotel accommodation into breakfast; these staff would be always be there. Each carrying a hession sack in one hand and a straw brush in the other; each collecting dust and leaves from outside the gardens of the numerous lower floor apartments.

But despite this labour intensive task they never once failed to greet us.

And as we all traipsed by they would stop whatever they were doing and face us. Then placing their hands as if in prayer, they would smile warmly and bow their acknowledgment.

They were such generous people with their time; and so we always made a point of saying ‘good morning’ to each of them in turn, briefly sharing our thoughts and our plans for the day ahead..

Personally though I couldn’t help but always feel a sense of guilt?

That we would soon be enjoying our hearty breakfast together and then possibly returning to languish in or around this beautiful pool.

Whilst these women went about their work with joy and humility. Quietly and methodically working away in the background.

Upsettingly though often totally ignored by some of the more pompous or arrogant residents staying in the hotel. Residents who’se lives were so very different.

Whose philosophy was simple and literal in every sense of the word…

‘Eat, Sleep, Swim’

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