‘Check me Out’

IMG_6979 Wow! today has been a scorcher here in UK.

I will be totally honest with you now. It has been the type of oppressive heat which is relentless; and gradually it just wears you down. So not really a day for doing too much at all?

I popped into town this morning though as I had a little parcel to sort out; and luckily I managed to capture a shot of this young woman striding purposefully past this shop-front doorway.

After getting it though, I thought it was going to be one of those images which you can never seem to get to look right?

In part due to the exposure and saturation. The brilliance of the sun today was bouncing back so much light form the newly painted walls that I thought I would lose much more from the image than I actually have.

However, it was the woman herself and her startled expression that was my real topic of interest?

Here wearing her Jackie Onassis style sunglasses; I thought that she looked really cool?

Particularly in this intense heat? But it was the black and white checked leggings which really stood out; and which now seem to effectively break up the intensity of the stronger light and shade?

Anyway I hope that you like the final result?

“But do you know what…I still feel a bit lethargic right now!”

“I was supposed to to go and water the garden I think?”

“But hold up a little minute!”

“Isn’t this officially the ‘Summer Solstice’ this very day at 6.51 A.M. to be precise!” “I think you will find that it is?”

“Surely then this warrants a very cold beer in celebration?” “Luckily it just so happens that there is in our very own fridge one such bottle waiting; and which has my name on it!”

“Ah decisions decisions?” “Let me see now”

“That’s it!!! The beer wins!”

“I think I might just go sit in the garden instead; as I have had a very taxing day today?”

“Then I could relax and drink it; but very very slowly?”

“What do you think?”

“Seems churlish not too eh?”

“So cheers everyone…and thanks for stopping by today”

10 thoughts on “‘Check me Out’

  1. Sounds like you had a good plan Bob. I hope it was a good beer. Great shot. I like the way the woman and the pavement seem to float due to the exposure, it’s a cool effect on a hot day. Enjoy the solstice while it lasts.
    Best wishes
    Bess x

      • Let’s hope it is the start of summer Bob, and not the fleeting three weeks it was last year!
        Always my pleasure to peruse your photos, I find you very inspirational.
        Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. This certainly has a vintage feel to it, Bob! Nice click!
    As for the heat, it’s been pretty cool around these parts however, as summer has officially begun, hopefully the hot days will be coming! Having a thundershower at the moment.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    • Thank you so much Mike. Here’s to us having a great Summer my friend.
      Many thanks for your comment. I might start specialising g in 60s style images?
      Never know…it might catch on?
      Have a good weekend buddy

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