‘C’mon Dad Hurry Up!’

IMG_7084 Liked this little image.

It shows a young Mum clearly enjoying a quick snack from her shopping bag whilst her little lad sits poking holes into the grass verge with a pencil? As you will see he is looking distinctly disengaged?

Now the parking information sign just to his right; states that waiting regulations apply Mon-Sat 8am-6pm 2 hours No return within 2 Hours.

Ah well you say; that’s okay then? Because today is Sunday!

And that would be absolutely correct of you to surmise!

However…this photograph was actually taken on the Friday just gone!

From an observational point of view then; it would appear that there was a mild degree of friction and impatience being generated.

This was due to the fact that neither Mum nor the little lad were able to gain entry to their vehicle? Yes; you’ve guessed it…the Dad had the only set of keys! But he was absolutely nowhere to be seen!

So I think that he was possibly still standing somewhere patiently outside one of the many old quaint shops; assuming incorrectly as it turns out that his wife and young son were still shopping inside for some additional bits and pieces?

Or he may have just forgotten to record the time that they had actually parked the vehicle and was simply enjoying his opportunity to look around the place on his own for a little while longer?

Anyway soon after capturing this image; I began walking slowly back to the top of town.

At this time in the day some of the street vendors were already begining to pack away goods from there stalls into the back of their waiting cars and vans. Luckily there appeared to be no sign anywhere in the road of the dreaded traffic warden!

Although I would like to have thought that were the warden indeed to suddenly ‘tip up’ on this scene with their pen and camera in hand; that he or she might well have managed this couples predicament with a considerate measured and sympathetic approach?

There are some decent ones out there you know? Personally I have never found one myself having said that…but I am assured that they do exist!

“So actually; c’mon Dad…Hurry Up!”

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