‘Petersfield Market’

IMG_6235 What’s not to love about visiting your local market? Petersfield hold theirs every Wednesday and Saturday from 7.30am until 3pm.

And with the summer now officially here; it means that we all have availability to an abundance of the freshest and the crispest seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The market seems to attract a variety of shoppers and it is a great place for everyone to meet up and to socialise together.

Petersfield Market usually attracts some of its local musicians such as guitarists, violinists, trumpeters, and even harmony singers on occasions?
All of whom I would add; help contribute to the energy colour and interest being generated.

You get to know where the bargains are, and you can come away with a lot more than you intended if you aren’t careful.

Things like ‘four’ punnets of plump raspberries or strawberries for just a pound!
Which of course you simply must have? Despite knowing you will struggle to eat them all.

This lovely lady then in today’s colour blog photograph; is the vendor from whom I usually buy our fruit and vegetables.

She is very pleasant but seems to always be wearing this head scarf? No matter what the weather?
But for me this only seems to enhance her character more?

She is a lady who always really looks the part as a trader; and seems to thoroughly enjoy the continuous banter and interactions shared with the numerous customers whom she serves throughout the day.

So how would I personally rate this lady?

Well now…I would say that like most of the produce she had on sale that day; I would most definitely rate her as a ‘Class 1’

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