‘Nah…Let’s play Footy’

These seven youngsters out in the sunshine carrying their supplies in their sports bags and wearing their shorts and T-Shirts along with a variety of footwear styles; were all in Lee on the Solent when I captured these two shots.

I became interested in them because it was obvious that they were all really out to have a good laugh together; and soon their voices could be heard clearly as they got themselves into a bit of a debate.

Basically the debate stemmed around whether or not they should all go and for a beer in the little bar come restaurant which was literally three premises down from where they had all gathered? Or should they get down on the beach and see who was around and at the same time catch some rays and have a good old kick about?

As the debate drew on however, the guy nearest the camera decided he best check out his hair in the reflection of the shop window and just make sure he was still looking good? His mate stood patiently alongside and was firmly in posession of the ball (which is a lot more than England seem to have been during this unbelievable World Cup? In fact our boys are actually queuing up to get the coach to the airport as I am writing this!)

The remainder of this crew though were still at this stage…undecided!

So I quickly grabbed the first image before they all dispersed? Then fortuitously a decision was made!

Yep…it was ‘Footy’ that won the day. And so they all started out towards the promenade.

This second image then shows the young guy who was checking out his appearence giving me his very best ‘Yeah…I saw the camera geezer; stare!’

Whilst the other two seemed not in the least bit bothered; and strolled past me whilst bouncing the football.

I’m sure they all got a good game going in the end?

“By the way; did you know that the England teams coach is up for sale?”

“Apparently it would make an ideal camper van?”

“And… it’s only been used three times?”

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