‘The Buddhist Monk’

IMG_7225 Another hot day here in Portsmouth and consequently it seemed everyone was out and about.

I took my usual drive over to Chichester where I enjoy taking my street shots and usually have a spot of lunch whilst I am over there.

On arrival there were quite a few primary age school children and their teachers obviously on a special visit. There were classes of little ones all sitting cross legged on the ground their HB pencils and sheets of papers in hand; patiently awaiting further instruction.

I have to say that they were all brilliantly well-behaved; despite being full of fun and giggles. At this age there is nothing more exciting. They so enjoy being out together especialy with their favourite form teachers taking them into the town.

All the kids today looked very smart. All in their little school uniforms; and each was wearing a high visibility flourescent waistcoat! Imperative schools put safety first? Very little chance of anyone getting lost whilst wearing one of these.

Anyway, I grabbed myself a coffee and sat outside Greggs Bakery. I was reading a chapter from my Kindle and looking across the high street when to my surprise I see this figure of a buddhist monk appear? He stopped and simply stood there very still; whilst the hustle and bustle of the general activities in the town went on around him.

I thought then; it would be good to get a photograph of this chap. However; I was some way away at the time and so convinced myself that by the time I had finished my drink and made my way over to where he stood; the chances were he would have moved off?

So I sat there and I watched, and I watched; but still he remained there. And although looking like he was a part of everything going on; he somehow seemed pleasantly disconnected; even spiritual?

Just observing; his arms folded in a soft and relaxed fashion in front of him… almost statuesque?

By this time I had finished the remainder of my coffee and so I took a stroll across and positioned myself virtually in front of him.

I waited until there were other people in view and then captured this image you see here on tonights blog.

Then putting the camera away I approached him and introduced myself. He smiled and laughed when I asked him if I might use his image.

“But of course he beamed” providing it’s nothing detrimental?” I assured him that this was not the case; explaining to him that I simply found his presence to be of of interest; and felt sure the good people who follow my blog would possibly feel the same?

It transpires that he became a buddhist over 10 years ago and had recently been on a personal journey of discovery from which he was now returning.

His name is ‘Dharma Rekkho’ and I found him to be an extremely happy warm and truly friendly soul.

I have since discovered that Dharma (Sanskrit) or dhamma (Pali) is a word Buddhists use often.

It is the second gem of the three jewels — Buddha, dharma, sangha. The word is defined as “the teachings of the Buddha,” but don’t think of dharma as just a label for Buddhist doctrines. It means something much more than that.

The word dharma comes from the ancient religions of India and is found in Hindu and Jain teachings. It’s natural meaning is something like “natural law” It’s root word, dham means “to uphold” “to support” ‘dharma’ is that which upholds the natural order of the universe.

I hope that you enjoy this image and I shall finish with this quote from Buddha.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”

7 thoughts on “‘The Buddhist Monk’

  1. Excellent photo and commentary. A few years ago my daughter was asked to meet a Buddhist monk when his train arrived in Edinburgh. She wondered how she would know him, and then realised there were unlikely to be many men wearing orange robes at Waverley station.

  2. I like how you’ve caught the reflection of the chap walking in the opposite direction in the phone box next to the chap in the robes. It very cleverly balances the composition. Also adds an ethereal quality to the spirituality your monk already imparts. The look on the young woman’s face is a picture too! Funny thing is, he doesn’t look out of place at all. Maybe it was all that calm energy?

    • The image in the glass was luck on my part Bess! But I was really happy with how the rest if the composition worked out.
      You really do help motivate me you know? You are such a welcome visitor.
      Take care my lovely friend

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