‘Look Mummy Look’

IMG_7248 Taken yesterday during my visit over to Chichester.

I was walking through the centre of the town and just observing people and trying to see if there might be any interesting images which I might chance to capture; when I quickly realised that I was being stared at by this cheeky little blonde haired girl directly in front of me; who at the time was being wheeled along on her scooter.

I was initially unsure exactly why she decided to home in on me? But her eyes were immediately drawn towards my camera! It almost felt as if she was determined to make sure that if I were going to take a photograph at all that day; then it just as well be of her?

I listened as this little girls young mother was constantly tugged and questioned. And I smiled as her little girl who would shout out things like ‘Mummy look…look mummy; look what I can do mummy?”

At the same time as her demonstrating a remarkable level of tolerance to this constant questioning; her mum was also trying hard to hold the handlebars of her little girls scooter so that she didn’t fall or take a tumble!

In addition she was burdened with having to carry a heavy and cumbersome shoulder bag. But despite all of this she still maintained her calm efficiently steering her small infant who was then sound asleep in the push-chair with her remaining free hand!

Again my attention is distracted towards her little girl. Turning her face towards me she then cuts me a piercing stare! Her bottom lip pouts and her eyes begin to narrow; this is then followed by a deep heavy frown!

Having now gained my attention; out of nowhere she then proceeds to extend her left leg up and into this balletic pose? Which amazingly she somehow manages to maintain? Long enough at least; until she is fully satisfied I have actually taken her picture!

She then leaps off the scooter and heads off into one of the cake shops; where mum had obviously promised her a little treat? Kids eh?

Incidentally…were you aware that the very first ballerina to be officially titled as ‘prima ballerina assolute’ was back in 1899 in St.Petersburgh. Funnily enough; and still bearing this image in mind.

Guess what her name was? It was ‘Legnani’

Perhaps then this little girl is a future protege in the making?

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