‘The Green Monkey’

IMG_2989 This little guy shared a beer or two with me when I was in Barbados.

He was hiding underneath the table at which I had chosen to sit. As soon as I sat down to drink my bottle of beer though he was up and on my shoulder; chattering away.

He was absolutely adorable and truthfully I will never forget the connection we seemed to make that particular day; it felt very special!

I couldn’t get over just how tactile and gentle this little monkey was, but at the same time completely full of cheek and totally fearless!

He was in fantastic condition and obviously very much loved by his owner. He confidently introduced himself to everyone who sat close by and drank any beers which they chanced to leave un-attended!

He was just super fiendly; and so incredibly tame.

I would have loved to have stayed and spent more time with him but sadly time was against me and so I had to leave. As I walked away from him he positioned himself on one of the side bars of the table eating a strip of food. The colours looked so gorgeous in the light of the mid day sun and contrasted beautifully with his silver and black markings?

Since I was a child I have always dreamed of owning a pet monkey; but I guess I will need to move over to Barbados if I am ever going to realise this long held ambition eh?

I just hope that he is okay and not drinking too much? Especially as it’s his weekend off!

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