‘I can’t see a thing ma luv?”

IMG_7278 Standing at the bus stop in Chichester the other day were these two ladies. They were initially deep in conversation about something or another which led one of them to remove from her hand bag; an iphone.

All seemed to be going reasonably well at this point and despite some initial fumblings; the lady on the right of this image beamed the biggest smile as her mobile successfully sparked into life.

Now you know how it is when the sun is particularly bright and you need to use one of these ‘hole in the wall’ cash dispenser thingy’s; and the sunshine on the screen is a glare; which means you have to get as close as possible to punch in your commands? Well this is very similar to what happened with these two ladies. (Bless their little hearts!)

If you could have set them to music it would have been a treat to behold.

To watch them both with this phone; well put it this way. They were not dissimilar to a formation dancing team!

Between the two of them they must tried placing this iphone into every conceivable position they were able to in order to obtain a clear view of the tiny screen!

I just stood opposite and watched them both. I was laughing quietly to myself as they fiddled and faffed about for what seemed an age; experiencing no end of problems!

Initially they tried removing their glasses? Then they both shaded their eyes? They tried holding the phone at arms length… and then at ground level?

They placed it inside one of their shopping bags and proceeded to both peer inside in pure frustration at their own reflections staring back at them!

So in one last ditch effort to get whatever it was up onto the screen so that it might be seen clearly; they both walked away from the bus queue and proceeded to lean on the lid of this plastic moulded rubbish bin; which had been placed there outside the milliner and charity shops.

Here they believed that by working together and maybe combining their efforts as a team; they might finally achieve their goal?

Their frustration by now however though was writ large in both of their wonderful facial expressions!

For these two women this had now become serious! What started out as an insignificant and minor task; had now become the sole pre-occupation of all their time and effort!

Then eventually after several more failed attempts at getting a visual; they both looked up to see that their bus had just driven off without them.

“Such is life!”

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