IMG_4722 Well here we go again…Yes it’s Monday! The beginning of another brand new week!
I found this little image today which was taken in ‘Port Louis’ when we were over in Mauritius. It seems an age ago now since we were all over there soaking up the sun.

The lady in shot had literally just placed the office keys into her bag having closed for lunch. I thought that she looked so striking in her choice of outfit as she strolled elegantly by?

I raised the camera as she drew alongside me and quickly pressed the shutter.

At the time I thought the effect looked very pleasing to the eye; due in part to the fact that having dressed completely in black her image stood out so powerfully against the array of background shapes and their vivid primary colours?

The mall in which this lady had been working was a relatively cool environment; but as you can see the heat directly outside was the complete opposite…it was in contrast really hot and quite intense.

Somehow though as I stood there overheated; my T-shirt bathed in perspiration feeling dehydrated and looking flushed; this woman just seemed to glide by; her body moving slow and rhythmically!

Seeing the camera she smiled; then glancing across at me she took off her sunglasses and gently placed them on the top of her flaxon hair. Then turning to her right she headed off into the sunshine.

“Now that my friend; was one classy lady I thought?”

“Very classy!”

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