‘He’s late today Ethel?’

Leaving the busy Market over in Chichester today I was suddenly distracted by the sound of raucous laughter and what could only be described as constant chatter.

I traced the sounds and ended up walking through this group of very happy elderly pensioners. All of whom had been snapping up their bargains; and were now all sitting in lines along the wall and awaiting their transport home again!

“He’s late today Ethel?” said the lady on the immediate left of this first image.
“Yeah he is luv, he’s late today isn’t he’
“What’s is the time anyway?”
“Just coming up for mid-day I think?” Came the reply.
“He is late though isn’t he” “Yes my luv he is late” “It’s not like him though is it?” “Nah…not like him at all; not this late!”

I overheard all of this as I stood waiting to cross the road; and so ended up in the company of these lovely old gals for a good few minutes.

So; me being a polite sort of chap; decided to make a bit of conversation with one or to of them.
“Have you all been to the market this morning then girls?” I said
“Yes my love we have we comes here most Wednesday’s we do”
“There’s certainly some good bargains to be had” I said “That’s for sure?”
“There is” came the response in unison from two or three of the ladies who were sitting on the bench on the pavement area.
“How come you all end up sitting together here then ladies?” “Is this the best place for your bus to stop?”
Some of them snigger and then they all start laughing but quite loudly! “What!” I said “What’s funny?” I enquired.

“Well it’s not for the bus to park luv; it’s in case we needs a tinkle!” “Isn’t that right girls?” And the laughter erupts yet again “Wer’e right next to the loos sitting here see!” She then points to her left.

So as the road cleared I left them all there laughing their heads off. Obviously having found the humour in what was to me; quite an innocent remark?

“Can’t beat a bit of forward planning eh?”

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