‘God I’m Fed Up!’

I simply could not resist snapping the image of this gentleman who was looking completely ‘Fed Up’ with himself as he sat there on this bench opposite the Cathedral.

Now I have no idea at all what had led up to him looking so flat and thoroughly dejected; or if indeed this was in point of fact just his natural demeanour?

Anyway; I guess we can all have our ‘off days’ cant we?

Possibly the lady sitting at the opposite side of this bench was actually with this gentleman initially? Maybe they had become bored with the familiarity of it all? Or the lack of sparkle and excitement which their dialogue used to provide them both?

Or maybe it was that she had just eaten all of that freshly baked cheese baguette? The remains of which are still in her hand! And had absent mindedly forgotten to offer him any?

What do you think? It’s very hard to tell isn’t it? But suffice it to say…he was definitely not best pleased!

Anyway it got me thinking that we should always be looking to better ourselves, to be more adventurous. To maintain the excitement wherever and whenever we are able?

We should be keeping those levels of interest alive by adding a little more gloss and sparkle! Keeping it real; as the youngsters say!

So with all of that in mind I have decided that from next week I shall try submitting an image or images which pick out one specific colour? This might then be published as either one single photograph without my usual accompanying text? Or if I am more successful on the selected day then maybe I could publish a collage?

This chosen colour day might take the form of say a flower? Or maybe a particular item of clothing being worn? Or a hair colour or a hat etc etc.

Really I just want to try to it as an experiment! Something a little different: more to challenge myself to become more observant and more selective? It should hopefully be an interesting project?

I was intending to call this ‘Wordless Wednesday’ only since I made this suggestion I have stumbled across the same title three times now?

So instead I shall call it ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words’ and it will start on Wednesday 9th July 2014

I hope you will all take a look? I would welcome your thoughts once I start this?

So thank you everyone.

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