‘Avenue of Umbrellas’

IMG_4685 This shot is one of those which seems to lift your spirits?

It was taken again in Mauritius. I was exploring the stores upstairs in this mall and by the time I had found myself back on the ground level; I was lost!

So having managed to completely lose my bearings I then decided it would be best to try and re-trace my steps.

Looking ahead of me I then saw a small marble fountain which I thought I recognised; and so headed towards this whilst trying to read a small interior map layout of the mall.

Then turning to my left I literally chanced upon this stunning and colourful avenue of umbrellas. I stood there just taking lots of shots from many different angles the light was beautiful and the whole concept just magical.

Anyway I was just about to line up my final shot when this very attractive young lady wearing this large pink floppy summer hat and sunglasses strolled innocently into the left of frame.

Rather than wait until she had been photographed by her friends I decided that she actually enhanced this image even more. Her vibrant choice of outfit and her beaming smile seemed to express far more about how just being there in this setting automatically made you feel happier in your self?

It made you want to smile…only constantly!

There is definitely something spiritual about combinations of light, shade, and colour!

Something which deeply touches the soul?

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