‘The Storyteller’

IMG_7233 I couldn’t have got much closer to this lady who was sat there unperturbed by the busy hordes of shoppers and totally absorbed in her book.

I loved the little wry smile on her face as she looks to be nearing the final chapters; obviously her mind was lost in the story and I could almost imagine shoppers stopping what they were doing and sitting cross-legged at her feet whilst she animatedly waxed lyrical to them all her fabulous story.

The power of the written word though; truly is remarkable?

How they can allow our thoughts and imaginings to be transported to the exact places and times where the author intended us to be? To stimulate our senses in way that allows us to breathe in the richness of each scene and the believability of each and every character.
To momentarily capture and ensnare our minds. To unfurl our imagination to it’s fullest extent; and to be able to allow us to safely disconnect from reality; and then to slowly and unconsciously drift within the moment.

How wonderful an achievement must that be for any author?

Then on closer inspection I noted the books title…Treachery! By S.J.Parris

Now curious; I scanned the reviews a little later on when I had returned home. Here then is a brief selection:

∗ ‘Impossible to resist…Parris creates a convincing senses of the past, woven with so much intrigue that the head fairly spins’ Daily Telegraph

∗ ‘It has everything – Intrigue, mystery, and excellent history’ – Kate Mosse

∗ An evil bookseller and a terrifying brothel lie ahead: what’s not to like? Gripping and fun’ – Observer

∗ ‘Fascinating…The period is incredibly vivid and the story utterly gripping’ – Conn Iggulden

Maybe I will look into reading this book? I think I have almost convinced myself that I should?

4 thoughts on “‘The Storyteller’

  1. Another great shot Bob. I love that there is a perfectly crisp line almost down the middle of your shot. In fact it divides the composition into the golden section, naturally drawing the eye to the woman reading. I almost feel as though it’s a mirror image, it’s an odd illusion you’ve achieved there Bob. Most impressive.
    Warm regards

    • Oh Bess I so love your kind professional eye and encouraging comments.
      I always feel that I am improving when I hear from you my lovely friend!
      Thank you do much and it’s always great hearing from you.
      Hope you are well?

      • Thank you too for your very kind words Bob, you always brighten my day.
        I haven’t been in the best of health of late so I’ve been a little absent from WP and my blogs. I have a lot of catching up to do!
        Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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