‘No Big Deal’

Got up nice and early today and was pleased to note that the rain had held off. And although the skies were dull and overcast it still meant that their might be a couple of local boot-sales going on somewhere!

So after a slice of toast and a brew I shot off over to Titchfield. Sure enough the tables were all out and the usual suspects were all there milling around checking out the bargains.

I strolled around a while and found some bits and bobs then decide that I should maybe try my luck over at Gosport. Luckily; it wasn’t that far and so I took a punt.

Arriving there though I initially struggled to get parking; as they were doing some building alterations at the school where the boot sale is held. That meant there was a bit of a snarl up on the playing fields.

But eventually I did manage to find a spot and spent the next hour meandering about with a cup of coffee to hand. It was a much larger affair than Titchfield had been; but sadly not much there that was was of any great interest to myself.

There were loads of families out today and there were loads of kids. Some better behaved and more well mannered than others it would have to be said! The endearing little ones who asked for something once; but when refused were totally accepting of the answer.

Whilst others threw tantrums and ‘stropped out’ at parents or threw themselves onto the grass lawn screaming!

That was enough for me I’m afraid! I do struggle when behaviour like this is laughingly accepted or is allowed to go on un-challenged by parents or carers.

So heading back for the car park I was really pleased to see these two little ‘card sharks’ playing cards in the car park. Both in sight of their parents who were selling confectionery alongside them.

Obviously the boys had both already taken a look around with their bit of pocket money and returned when asked to be rewarded with a bag of sweets each from their parents stall.

There was no hassle or need to drive their parents up the wall with continuous demands for things they felt that they both needed! No hand held computer games; no mobile phones; no nothing! Except that was for one simple pack of playing cards and safe space on the ground to sit down together.

It just goes to show you that with the correct guidance and encouragement most kids are more than capable of entertaining themselves without parents having to put their hands in their pocket every five minutes for money to buy something completely useless; just in order to keep them quiet for five minutes.

These two were playing for each others sweets! Their busy parents were both much more relaxed and comfortable knowing exactly where both boys were and exactly what it was they were both up to!

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