‘Sunset on Pointe aux Sables’


This shot was taken at sunset on ‘Pointe aux Sables’ beach.

Having decided to capture some shots at the far end of the beach I had left the party which we were having in celebration of my daughter Jodie’s partner Stefan birthday; and was honestly enjoying the solitude and the fabulous sound of the waves as they came lapping over the shoreline.

It was all a bit mesmerising actually; so I ended up staying on my own until the sun had completely disappeared over the horizon. I stood there taking in all of the incredible golden hues on display above me in what could only be described as an ever changing skyline?

Although I was tempted to just sit a while longer I felt that I better return to see my family.

Anyway; I was almost back at the beach house where we were holding our party and barbecue when I stopped at the fence and glanced behind me. It was then I breathed in this beautiful view.

A group of young guys whom I had noticed previously scouring the shoreline for shell fish were still out and determined to find something to cook.

The water there was as warm as our bath at home and so two of their party had decided to take advantage and have themselves an early evening swim.

The others though continued on with their searching. Their laughter echoed in the early evening and carried clearly to where I was standing.

If I had the money I thought; I would buy myself a property right here! Where I could delight in the fact that I could ‘beach-comb’ whenever the mood took me? Or swim in the ocean? Or just sit on the sands with my back against a white picket fence; a generous glass of Whisky or Rum in hand; marvelling at the fantastic sunsets.

Wouldn’t that be something eh?

Still…At least I have my photographs and all my wonderful memories to reflect back on whenever I so wish!

One thought on “‘Sunset on Pointe aux Sables’

  1. Oh! That would be really something. I really wish I could get such a property in my life. Or at the least live in a place close to the water’s so that I can go for the daily relaxation and my share of Sun gazing.

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