‘Jump for Joy’


Another amazingly warm summers day here in Portsmouth.
After breakfast we took a drive over through Petersfield and into the village of Rogate which is just across the border into West Sussex.

It’s a quaint little place and civil parish in the Chichester district. It has two churches and two primary scholls in Rogate village. The only pub is The White Horse. They hold a little boot sale here every Saturday and so we thought we might pop out there and just take a look.

I felt quite sorry for the sellers there today because the field n which this is held has very little shade and consequently both sellers and their dogs were feeling the exhaustion from the intense heat of the sun.

However; we bought a few interesting little bits and pieces; and got to meet some fascinating characters into the bargain. It was glorious just strolling around and despite few gripes (which we love to do; because we are British!) it was a nice productive little visit.

We popped into town on our way home as tomorrow is my eldest grandsons birthday; and they are having a barbecue for him over at their place. So we have all been invited.  As we are both vegetarian though we always offer to take or favourite products over with us. This saves any problems for the hosts and we are then guaranteed to get ourselves an equally tasty alternative to meat. 

Anyway as we were getting the goodies I snapped this image of these two little girls who were desperatly trying their best to capture this unassuming stray pigeon. 

I loved the fact that I somehow managed to capture the little girl on the right of frame literally ‘taking off’ through pure excitement.

The bird however remained with his feet firmly on the pavement.

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