‘Happy 10th Birthday Kaden’

Our grandson was away on holiday for his Birthday on the 8th July 2014. He spent his 10th summer on this Planet with his Mum and Dad and his two younger sisters having fun over in Spain.

So today in order that we might all have the chance for a ‘get together’ with him and wish him many happy returns; his Mum and Dad; as I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s blog entry; had arranged a barbecue.

Now unfortunately it rained first thing this morning and so we all had our fingers crossed that the weather might hold up for the BBQ later that afternoon. Luckily our fears were allayed and it turned out a cracking day; beautiful!

We are fortunate to enjoy a close bond as a family and it is always nice to see the the different generations all sat out there in the garden and enjoying each others company.

We were treated to some amazing food plus a wide selection of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

We all played silly games together and then to honour Kaden’s Birthday we were each given a special cup cake (these had been lovingly prepared especially by his Mum Kylie)

It should be noted that she has become really quite skilled at making these; and they are requested more and more now whenever we all visit!

These consisted of two choices? Either ‘Oreo’ swirled cream; or plain vanilla. Needlesss to say they all soon disappeared but were thoroughly enjoyed by all who managed to get to the plate the quickest.

As we listened to some chilled music outside; we were entertained the whole afternoon by the younger chidren (mostly though by our little ‘Mad Harri’) although other youngsters who had attended with their parents did also get themselves involved.
All of whom incidentally are close long term friends of the family.

Now unusually for Kaden; he had no gifts as such to open today!
This was because he is not a child anymore you see?
No! He is TEN years of age for heavens sake!

So instead it was all about cash, sheckles, moolah, dosh, readies? When you get to age ten you see; these are now the gift of preference?
That said he did really well. I think he got in excess of Ā£170 at the last reckoning.

In fairness though Kaden is an absolutely brilliant kid! One who you honestly would not begrudge anything. He is a real little gentleman who demonstrates a naturally kind and sensitive nature.

This was reinforced on their arrival back from holiday last week as there was two letters waiting for my son Duncan and his wife Kylie. They informed them that both Kaden and his younger sister Megan had both been nominated for a ‘gold award’ by their school governors; and that they are both to be formally presented with certificates in recognition of their conduct behaviour and commitment to helping others.
They are to receive their awards sometime this coming August.

It’s so nice that they have both got this recognition and I am so proud for them and the whole family as well.

(Maybe I am a bit biased though eh?)

So although we never saw much of the Birthday boy today; he did nevertheless show his face now and again… but photographs at this age are a big No No!

Therefore here is just a small selection of images I did manage to capture recently. Mostly when he was unawares!

So Happy Birthday Kaden and thank you to your Mum and Dad and Megan and little Harri for a really great day today over at your place.

We had a brilliant time and it was so lovely to see you all and to see your new pup ‘Diesel’ who is now so well trained and looking bigger every time we visit you all. He is a great little character and appears so settled and totally relaxed and happy in himself. Despite the invasion of so many new people over at your house today.

Maybe we should do a little cerrtificate for him Kade? What do you think?

We love you buddy…very very much! I Hope that you are enjoying the rest of this your special day in celebration of becoming a ten year old?

3 thoughts on “‘Happy 10th Birthday Kaden’

  1. This reminds me of a younger cousin growing up. All she ever wanted for Christmas and her birthdays was “money and a watch.” Which leaves me wondering, when and where do our individual values form? šŸ™‚

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