‘The Puppeteer’

IMG_2450 This little girl in tonight’s publication had just left the local cafe where she and her mum had been enjoying a break from shopping. It was in this cafe where she sat talking with her two little puppets that she had not only happily entertained herself; but had inadvertently brought laughter to many other of the patrons who were sat close by to her and listening intently to her imaginative conversations.

I assume her mum had recently bought these two glove puppets for her and it was apparent that she was over the moon with them. Not only had she named them both but she had also created individual voices and personalities for them.

I love that children have this unique quality which allows them to switch off from our reality and drift off to that place where they end up fully convinced is a reality; and not merely an over active imagination?

Whilst watching this little girl interacting with these glove puppets she just seemed completely inseparable from them. To her this teddy and the panda had now become firm friends and she was an integral part of that friendship. Even as she walked with her mum through town and up towards the main precinct; she was still sharing imaginary conversations and totally pre-occupied.

Having dedicated time now as I do to spend with my four grand-children. I understand that watching their imagination begin to develop is always something special! It is something that could never ever be classified as being boring!

So if ever you should be lucky enough to get to spend any quality time with children; especially in their own special world? Then all I can say to you; is that I can highly recommend it!

It’s something that I truly cherish so much these days. So when it does happen I try incredibly hard to be accepted in that child’s mind and seen by them as a true believer!

Sadly our children do inevitably grow up fast! So on days such as the one which this little girl and her mum were obviously enjoying; it is often easy to just take these children’s stories for granted?

For me; it’s a genuine gift when children find something which captures and engages their imagination to such an extent that they almost seem capable of leaving this present world and of entering seamlessly into their own magical world full of fairy-princesses, castles dragons and endless imaginings.

A world full of joy and happiness! A special place where only children gather. Children who all believe without question that whatever they choose to dream is real; will then become real! No question about that whatsoever.

This little girl knows exactly where to find that place…would you?

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