‘Double Take’

IMG_7552 There were a lot of visitors over in Chichester yesterday and many coach parties were stopping off to take a look around the Cathedral and various shops and of course the Wednesday market.

Many though were drawn to the sight and distinctive call and high-pitched twittering sounds from the many house martins now around in the area. These summer visitors are incredible little birds and could be seen frantically swooping and diving above the busy high street. Each calling out to one another as they were busily working on and improving their spherical mud nests. These they had skillfully constructed under the eaves of several of the older buildings down here.

Equally the Perigree falcon was very active that day and could be heard screeching as he circled majestically around his Cathedral Spire. Gliding and circling around it like it was his own personal mountain top.

All this activity had attracted many ‘twitchers’ all of whom were out that day peering through the eye-pieces of their high powered scopes mounted on tripods.

It is really nice to be able to pay these regular visits over here for me; and to start to appreciate just how the community here care for, and involve so many others in a wide range of hobbies and interests.

I love that it is so easy to lose a good two or three hours of my time just watching and observing people; never once having to visit a single shop. (Result!)

However…that is just me!

Obviously there are others that do come here specifically to do lunch or to sit outside one of the many cafes; or even to enjoy a beer at one of the local bars.

For most though; it’s all about the shopping! For them; this is the main objective.

So whilst I was roaming about seeking out that elusive interesting image; I could’nt help but notice these two twin sisters!

They looked like a couple of really interesting characters? Both seemed to be over here visiting from the Isle of Wight? (Well at least that’s what it read on their T-shirts)

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that they were both here to do some serious retail therapy!

And as you will note they had dressed accordingly. Seen here in their matching peaked caps; both adjusted correctly against the glare of the sun; wearing their matching shorts and T-shirts; and the all essential super comfy casual footwear.

As I walked towards them with my camera in hand; they both suddenly seperated to walk either side of this re-cycling bin. The lighting though still looked quite effective and so I decided that I should take advantage and capture the image before they both returned back to their coach which was waiting to take them back to the Isle of Wight Ferry Port.

I think that the twin on the left was noticeably uncertain of my reasoning for wanting to take their photograph; and so did give me a couple of very curious glances as she past me by.

Her sister though was focussed only on the waiting coach parked up ahead of them… for her; there was to be no such ‘double take’

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