‘The Harbour – Barbados’

IMG_3415 This was the view from our table where we both sat drinking coffee and soaking up the sunshine.

It was wonderful watching these charter boat skippers each one offering their trips to sea to the many visitors who had walked down onto the little harbour.
Many were just there to check out the shops and to see for themselves what type of trips were on offer; and of course to seek out the most reasonable offers available that day.

We were sat there watching in amazement these huge sea turtles as they swam around the boats just floating beneath the surface of the most stunning green gin clear waters.

We must have spoken with most of the skippers down there that day, and I would have to say that the general response from nearly all of their potential customers they approached about taking a trip with them was very favourable.

This was due to their friendly good humoured and non-pushy style of approach. Which incidentally applied to everyone down there whom we spoke to. From the smiley cafe and shop owners through to the charter boat owners.

Unfortunately for us though; we didn’t have sufficient time in our schedule that day to partake in any of these amazing trips.

However; it was such a tranquil and colourful setting there and it was so decadent to be able to just kick back and watch as these busy boat owners obviously enjoying their banter; yet at the same time be completely content and at ease making what was their their work; seem more like leisure time?

Truly Barbados offers a totally different and all together more pleasant pace of life.

I honestly loved the attitude of people here. But I loved this place especially!

6 thoughts on “‘The Harbour – Barbados’

  1. Your photos are beautiful *the colors in the Barbado shot – Wow* and intriguing. I enjoy the human element in the ones I have seen so far. Thank you so much for reading my post so I had the opportunity to come see yours. All the Best!

    • That is such a lovely compliment and thank you so much for stopping by. I am so pleased that you liked the Barbados shot.
      I shall look forward to getting to know more about you and your blog on future visits.
      Kind Regards

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