‘Close Up’

IMG_7594It has been yet another glorious day down here in Portsmouth and so I took a drive over to ‘Gunwharf Quays’

Due to the high-tech planning of their underground car park there it’s never been an issue for me getting a parking space. Also the facilities they have on offer are excellent;
all of which are so easy to access.

The place is always clean and tidy and the reassuring presence of security I think always makes people more relaxed these days; especially when it get’s a bit busy. Overall ‘Gunwharf’ welcomes it’s many visitors providing them with a comfortable and friendly environment.

People really do ‘de-stress’ down there; each taking advantage of a wide variety of things to do, places to eat, and great views to take in as they sit outside one of the many waterside bars and restaurants dotted around the place..

Today after I had just enjoyed an amazing ice cold pint of cider and was returning to my car; I spot this young woman photographer taking a ‘close-up’ image of her sister?

Now to the casual eye it might appear that there is close up photography… and then there is very close up photography? And maybe this close might look a little too extreme possibly?

Unless that is of course they had not been aware that directly behind the subject being photographed and soaring some 170 metres above Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent, stands our ‘Spinnaker Tower’

Taller than the ‘London Eye’ ‘Blackpool Tower’ and ‘Big Ben’ it is already established as a national icon for UK.

So although I had initially thought this was a street photographer who had completely misinterpreted the technique of ‘blending in’ I quickly saw the reasoning behind her decision for this low angle shoot; and her excellent choice of this very close cropped composition.

4 thoughts on “‘Close Up’

  1. It is fun taking photos of other photographers 🙂 Could be a great series – “photographer shooting photographers”! Really nice one, Bob. Enjoyed the accompanying text as well.

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