‘Small Medium or Large?’

IMG_7615 Just had to include this little capture which was one I took whilst over at ‘Gunwharf Quays’ yesterday.

As I have been saying in my previous blogs; the weather has definitely got much hotter as the week has gone on.

I found myself walking alongside this little chap and his mum both of whom were hot and a little flustered in the heat. Suddenly the little boy spotted an ice cream van parked close by. His mum knelt forward and stroking his face asked if he would like to get an ice cream? “Oh Yes please mummy” he said “I would love love love one!”

Smiling at this enthusiastic response his mum then duly queued up at the busy vendors van; and patiently awaited her opportunity to purchase ice creams for them both.

As she stood there in line she looked visibly flushed in the heat of the day. She then began dabbing her brow with a small folded up tissue and was flicking the hair away from the back of her neck in an effort to try and cool herself down a bit.

Eventually though she was at the front of the queue and was then asked by the ice cream seller exactly what type of cornets it was she wanted?

The mother hesitated momentarily when he asked of her “would you like small regular or large cornets?

Turning to check with her little boy exactly what it was he would like; she was surprised to see that he had wandered slightly away from the van and had obviously decided it was definitely going to be a large ice cream for him…only a very very large ice cream!

The vendor and the mother laughed and he yelled across to the little boy “Hey…would you like hundreds and thousands with that?”

The little boys face lit up “Yes please” he said “and can I have a flake mummy?’ came the excited reply

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