‘Puppy Love’

This little girl in tonight’s image and her adorable little puppy were both stood outside of the Co-op shop waiting patiently for the mother who had gone inside.

There she was clinging tightly to the puppy’s lead and to her own bag of shopping treats which she had bought in the town that very morning.

As I watched her interacting with her little pup I was completely impressed; and thought they both looked to be simply inseparable pals?

At the time I was sitting opposite and was watching the many people stop and speak with them mostly to enquire if they might get to stroke the pup? It was evident that this little pair seemed to enjoy all of the attention they were being given and it made me smile to observe that as each person moved on after speaking to them both so the little pup would immediately sit down at the ankles of the girl.

It would then stare upwards at her and cutely commence tilting it’s head from one side to another whimpering and stamping both paws to the pavement.
Almost as if it was seeking reward for it’s recent impeccable display of behaviour!

I picked up my camera and began to focus in closer. At which point the pup then obviously thought that the little girls mother was about to re-join them and he sprung up from his sitting position; successfully wrapping both himself and his lead around the legs of his little companion.

The little girl was surprised by this and had to quickly lean herself forward grabbing tightly onto the dogs lead. She then tried to re-arrange herself and her long hair which had by this point covered her face completely; and was obscuring her vision.

Luckily the mother did then arrive very shortly afterwards and they all walked away together. The little pup elated to be re-united again displayed his obvious joy by springing happily alongside both the mum and his now un-tangled very special little pal.

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