‘Chamarel Waterfall’

IMG_4571_2 Chamarel Waterfall is testimony to the volcanic activity that lasted several million years. It highlights two lava flows of different ages.

The first flow of the breccia core set (10 to 8 million years), altered on the surface upon which rests a second flow.

The altered part being thick, is proof that this first flow remained exposed to air and weather during millions of years before being covered by the flow of the intermediate series.

Its fall is 100 meters high.

4 thoughts on “‘Chamarel Waterfall’

      • Yes, thank you for asking! I’m enjoying life here in the Bergen area. I was able to get into Bergen three times this past week, to enjoy seeing the ships of the Tall Ships Races 2014. Beautiful!

      • I love seeing the tall ships. Great photo opportunity and something romantic and adventurous about their sheer presence!
        Glad you are happy and enjoying yourself!
        Keep in touch my friend

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