‘Dappled Shade’

IMG_7641 I saw this gentleman on two occasions before I actually found myself in a position where I might try and capture this unusual ‘dappled effect’ created by the sun penetrating through the weave of his Straw Trilby Hat and over his face.

I got up as close as I could; and although he did give me a sideways glance; I think that he was more anxious to understand why I might be so keen to capture his image; rather than feel I was possibly invading his personal space?

That considered I still like this final result though. It might not have worked so well today though as the weather here has suddenly taken a slightly duller appearance; and the clouds are upon us! So I am pleased that I caught this rather interesting effect and composition.

Indeed I think it turned out slightly better than I had hoped for.

Then I got to thinking…What if I were I to start wearing such a choice of headwear?

I wonder how I might look at the end of the afternoon in the sun? Especially with me having a bald head?

Now that would be quite an interesting image; don’t you think?

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