‘Eye Phone’

IMG_7647 This shot was literally grabbed out of the air; and so didn’t have the benefit of preparation in terms of exposure etc. I just wanted the capture and to take the opportunity whilst being up close.

The young lady you see in shot; appeared to be acting as the tour guide to a group of young students all of whom appeared to be having the time of their lives over at Chichester the other day.

I am not sure if they were from Italy or if they were Spanish in origin? Either way they were all having fun.

One of the group would grab the camera which was set on video mode whilst the others would either do a little ‘party piece’ to camera; or they would perform an acrobatic routine; or end up singing their heads off whilst another of their group played guitar.

As with most foreign students they all interacted in a really measured happy and friendly way with all the passing shoppers down there; many smiling and acknowledging their presence. In truth they soon became a bit of a local attraction with the local stall holders and even patrolling security staff.

Back though to the lady in today’s blog entry photograph.

I was more interested in her at the time as she seemed to frequently scout ahead of the group whilst they were performing; and do a bit of a reconnaissance in different parts of the town centre? Then she would call the group from her mobile phone; and they would suddenly arrive like a ‘flash crew’ complete with balloons, guitars, and most importantly their relentless happy smiley faces. And so it went on!

We need more young people acting on spontaneity! Their enthusiasm rubs off.

And you know what? I think it makes for a better place to be!

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