‘New Heels’

IMG_7592 What is it with girls and shoes eh?

I saw these three young women who having literally just purchased these new high heels had decided that it was just a bit too long to wait to impress their public and it was probably best to get them out of their boxes and onto there feet; and then to get themselves back out there and show their public just exactly what they were missing!

Once the objective of getting them from their boxes and onto their feet had been achieved; they then decided to take some super model images of one another; using their mobile phones.

This was followed by them each practising their very best catwalk style walk as they all walked off together back through the busy shopping centre of ‘Gunwharf Quays’

Each looking to all intents and purposes like renowned and high class cat walk models? Each on a break between the familiar instructions and demands expected of them by their individual photo shoot directors?

I first tried to take their image without being noticed but was very quickly clocked. I then had to back off a bit and attempt to mingle with the crowds before trying again to actually achieve this shot which I am submitting this evening?

I truly loved the determination of these three women to wear their latest purchases despite probably knowing that it might not have been a reasonable consideration for them to take some time to break them in first?

Whatever my thoughts though; these three were determined to strut their stuff before leaving ‘Gunwharf Quays’ after having shopped until they dropped!

They took several photographs using their mobiles and I at one point even volunteered to take a photograph for them; so that they might have at least one image of them all together wearing their new highly prized bargain footwear.

Three lovely ladies, Three pairs of fashionable heeled shoes, and three good reasons why new shoes at a bargain price; are simply too good to resist!

10 thoughts on “‘New Heels’

    • Hello Mike.
      Great to hear rom you my friend. I just popped over to your blog and your images are seriously excellent my friend.
      I’m thinking about buying another camera and wondered which you use for your street stuff?
      They just always smack quality?
      Hope that you are well?

      • I’m doing well, Bob! Thanks.

        Most of the photos I take these days are with the Leica M240 and 28mm or 50mm lenses.

        I’ve been really happy so far with the camera; it’s an uncluttered tool that makes taking images fun. I don’t know what your budget is, but if there is room for a Leica, and you don’t mind manual focus / rangefinders – I would highly recommend one.

        Another camera I’ve been hearing a lot about is the Sony A7s, which seems to be an amazing performer.

        I’ll be writing my first impressions on the Leica M shortly and posting to my blog.


      • Wow Mike…classy cameras indeed my friend.
        Unfortunately despite wishing I might join the elite Leica crew my budget alas will not stretch that far.
        However; I shall be very interested to read your impressions on the Leica M.
        Meanwhile I shall plod on regardless but will still enjoy following your amazing captures my friend.
        Thank you so much for taking the trouble to respond.
        Keep in touch my friend
        Kindest Regards

      • Of course, any camera that allows us to do this wonderful hobby; is a good camera. In the end, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile phone or a Leica.

        I have a variety of reasons for getting one. That said, there are many excellent alternatives from makers such as Olympus, Sony, Fuji, etc 🙂

      • You are a good man Mike and trust me I would also be more than happy to own this camera.
        But you make a true and valid statement about the person behind the lens making the image irrelevant of what make.
        However; there truly is no substitute for quality!
        Keep up the great work my friend.
        Speak again soon

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