‘Lads eh..’

IMG_5919 Took the boy down to the fun fair opposite Southsea Common yesterday; and we all sat outside a cafe and ate strawberry and vanilla ice cream complete with a chocolate flake; until we felt physically sick!

As you probably are aware? Here in UK the schools are all on their summer break and so the beach and the promenade were consequently packed with large groups of young girls and lads. A whole host of local visitors; and hundreds of holidaymakers who had arrived here by the coach load.

The fun fair was really loud with chart music and was so busy that there were hardly any available seats. This was due in part to a sudden lunchtime rush for teas and coffees and cold drinks; and of course those ever popular sea-front fish and chips.

Anyway having eaten as much as we could of our ices; we then loaded up the boy into his buggy (which he hates now! As he prefers to walk or should I say run everywhere these days) and crossed over the road by the coach park and into the play park. Purely so Beau might go on the swings and the slide etc.

As we entered the park there was once again a throng of people; many with their own children in tow. They were playing football or diving in and out of the sand pit or just being kids really!

Across from where we were sitting though was the big slide and climbing frame; both of which our Beau absolutely adores.

Grabbing his hand I fought my way past children’s dangling legs each at various levels scaling the frames. Eventually he did get to have a go on the slide. Little did I realise that this process though was to be repeated several more times; before he eventually decided that the sand pit was where he actually wanted to be!

We then quickly retrieved his favourite cement lorry toy from the bag which was attached to his buggy and there he sat and played quite happily as we perched on the grass enjoying the heat of the sun.

Then these lads who had been playing football opposite us started to get a little bit boisterous over whose turn it was to fetch the football that one of them had kicked over the low fencing surrounding the park.

This then deteriorated into two of them arm wrestling one another. But as neither was prepared to concede victory it was only this headlock that resulted in the loser crashing to the floor; which eventually decided the winner!

“Now go get the ball” the others yelled out to him.

Then looking over towards our little Beau who was still playing so innocently in his sand-pit.

I quietly said to him. “Lads… eh Beau?” “Who’d have em?”

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