‘Low Tide’

IMG_5828 Tonight blog entry is going to need to be brief.

This is due to the fact that we have had the privilege of looking after our grand-children for four days and two nights over this last week; and are currently in a state of catatonia!

I am submitting this image of three of our grand-kids out over at Hayling Island at low tide. We had a phone call from my son who unusually had an evening free and suggested that we join them for a walk.

It’s fantastic to walk through the sand over there and to see the kids enjoying themselves in the warm shallow waters. In shot this evening are our Kaden, and his two little sisters Megan and Harri.

We had also taken ‘Deisel’ the new boxer pup over there with us; and although not in frame, he was off meeting and greeting every other dog on the beach that he could find. We eventually carried him back to the car in the end…but trust me; he had the time of his life.

This summer has been spectacular on the south coast; and it’s evenings such as this that help reinforce just how fortunate we are to be able to jump in the car and then literally fifteen minutes down the road from us; we can be walking out for miles allowing the beauty of these surroundings to calm and re-centre our thoughts.


3 thoughts on “‘Low Tide’

  1. Just four hours with an eight-month old grandson a couple weeks ago had me achy and tired for a couple days; I don’t know how you do it for longer! 🙂

    Must be the way our hearts expand … it makes the aches and pains not so noticeable.

    Beautiful image and words. You live in a lovely part of our world!

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