‘The Kiss’

IMG_7738 I was really taken by this image which I felt showed the warmth and love being shared between a mother and daughter?

This was captured in Chichester just after one of the local street artists had completed their performance.

I think that this little girl had just without any prompting; made a very considerate and complimentary comment about how much she had enjoyed the performer.

Whatever it was that the little girl had said; it had obviously made a big impact on her mum. To the extent that she was anxious to express her warmth and affection towards her little daughter.

Leaning forward the mum then linked hands with her daughter and with the other hand she then gently tugged at the draw-string of her daughters shorts bringing her closer before then rewarding her with a kiss.

It was this image that I had hoped to capture; but all too soon they were then laughing and hugging together whilst her mum swung her around in her arms.

I know from my own daughter how very special the relationship between her and her mother truly is. Like this little girl in tonight’s blog entry they share a very special and lasting bond. This started from an early age; and I have watched how it has developed and flourished over the years.

Most mothers I know each relish sharing such quality time with their children; knowing only too well that it can often help cement stronger and more positive long-term outcomes.

I think there is very little doubt that this particular mother and daughter are well on track and will continue to become even closer in the years ahead.

Part of the process is to remember to let your children know how much you love them at every opportunity?

Also never forget to recognise and acknowledge whenever they express these unexpected words of kindness and consideration towards others.

It is these qualities which sometimes seem to have been lost in our society; or forgotten altogether? However it is these very qualities which can help parents remain hopeful for a kinder and more caring future for their children

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