‘Eye Spy’

IMG_5892 Southsea Fun fair and this mum has just found herself a place to sit which gives her a good view of the ride that she has just placed her kids on.

Sitting and looking as relaxed as she can; she smiles and looks over at her children as they lean over outside of the seats they are safely secured into.

The machine starts it’s ascent and climbs slowly into the air. The children begin to shout and cheer now clapping their hands high above their heads. They shout out to their mum and the the image of the action is captured in the lens of her sunglasses.

They can see her sitting beneath as they spin around; the warmth of her smile seems to portray to her children that she is fine about it all…no worries!

The ride climbs higher still; spinning ever faster. She looks away momentarily; fidgets around a little; but then quickly regains her composure; and once again offers up this gentle smile of reassurance.

Maybe deep down though she senses a twinge of apprehension as the children’s screams get louder? It is now at it’s highest point and spinning wildly.

It’s strange isn’t it? As parents we are encouraged to allow our children to experience such controlled excitement. Knowing that ultimately it helps both them and yourselves learn to overcome personal perceptions of fear.

Kids though; really like it when we let them do stuff like this on their own.

When we walk can away and trust their judgement. You always try to remind yourself that this is just all part of them growing up and learning how to cope more effectively with unfamiliar; and sometimes quite scary situations?

So well done to this Mum in today’s blog entry. I thought you did a great job!

3 thoughts on “‘Eye Spy’

  1. Bob, you are a brilliant blogger/writer (and also a great photographer). I just had to write that straight away. I’m always impressed by the energy, joy and good vibes showcased in your posts. Keep on doing what you’re doing my friend!

    • Mike my friend. From my heart; thank you for your hugely generous comments.
      Sometimes I do often wonder how people interpret my blog?
      But then I am blessed to receive such a glowing endorsement from someone whose work I so admire.
      Your words have lifted my spirits and come at just at the right time for me; as I have felt I had been lacking direction of late!
      And for that alone…I truly thank you!

      Take care my friend

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