IMG_5900 IMG_5902IMG_5905 Couldnt get out today much before lunchtime due to ‘Ex-Hurricane Bertha’ who signalled her arrival here in UK with high winds torrential rain and thunder and lightning!

However, luckily it didn’t hang around for too long and headed up to the West of Scotland to wreak a bit more havoc. Leaving behind it flash floods, swirling seas, and a degree of damage to trees and property.

We decided in the end that we might take a drive down into Southsea and along the Sea-front just to check out how it had impacted on us? We soon arrived and parked up and I took a walk along the promenade.

It wasn’t looking too bad at all to be perfectly honest with you. In fact the winds had all but disappeared and the sun was peeping out again through the white billowing clouds.

Returning to the car I then spot a couple of youngsters with what I thought looked like climbing harnesses and wearing numbered tabards. I got back in time to grab the camera from the back seat of the car and headed in their general direction.

Unbeknown to me there was this small queue of kids who were waiting to tackle this really tall metal climbing structure. I shot off a couple of images and headed back.

Obviously ‘Hurricane Bertha’ hadn’t phased these kids one little bit. There was no way they were not taking on the challenge today come rain or shine!

“Good on them” That’s what I say…

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