IMG_7568 Now here’s an unusual sight if ever I saw one? And one which I certainly hadn’t expected to see on my walk about.

It transpired that this teddy seen here sharing his bench with these three strangers; had been accidentally dropped on the grass verge in a busy family’s haste to catch their bus home. And so there he lay face down apparently completely forgotten about. Abandoned by his only trusted soul mate.

Fortunately for him though one kind soul had decided to pick him up and to dust the grass cuttings from his fur; before then considerately placing the poor chap on top of this bench.

And it was there he remained all alone; and for some considerable period of time.

I reckon that I must have passed this same spot several times after shooting the initial image; and on each occasion I couldn’t help smiling at the way these people who were waiting for their bus; all very respectfully took a seat alongside him; never once attempting to pick him up or to remove him from the position in which he had been originally placed.

Unfortunately shortly afterwards I had to get back to my car; and so never got to know if he was ever re-united with his original family members? I would hazard a guess though that some other little child had seen him sitting there on his own long after the queues for transport had all long gone. And out of pure love and sympathy had decided to take pity on him!

And sweeping him up from his cold wooden bench; had then carried him off to join a brand new family in a brand new home.

One where he might again be loved and cared for; safe in the knowledge and reassurance that he would no longer have to worry about becoming just another abandoned teddy bear; left in the company of total strangers to face the uncertainty of the elements.

3 thoughts on “‘Abandoned’

  1. Last spring my grand daughter lost her beloved Bunny. The day after his disappearance my daughter re-traced their route of the previous day, and found Bunny safely perched on a wall. Possibly Bear will find his way home in a similar manner.

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