L1080431 As I had the morning to myself I decided I would take a walk around Emsworth harbour today. The weather was overcast but the sun was trying its level best to burn its way through.

It’s only a ten minute drive for me over there and parking is always easy; and so it seemed like the logical thing to do really?

This place has featured previously in my blogs as it is such a pleasant interesting place to walk around. The many wild birds which populate the foreshore here are always a joy to sit and observe.

Also as it is the kids summer holidays at the moment; many of the younger ones were out with their parents and grand-parents frantically hurling chunks of bread to the swans and their new cygnets. The ducks of course invited themselves to the feast not wishing to miss such an opportunity. Whilst the gulls swooped and dived plucking bread before it even had time to hit the water!

Of the many attractions there are some lovely places to eat and drink here; each offering quality food and friendly table service. Emsworth provides visitors to some excellent photographic opportunities. So really…what’s not to like?

Anyway it was perfect over there today and I enjoyed one of the best coffees I have had in a long time.

Having read the newspaper the headlines which were of course all about the unbelievably sad and tragic suicide of Robin Williams; I headed back camera in hand; along the sea wall and towards the car.

I just happened though to turn around at the right time when I heard the excited voices of these three little kids in my photograph. Their mums were taking them on to the jetty to net some crabs and such was the anticipation that the little lad looked like he might wet himself at the thought.

Once again a simple treat which costs only a couple of quid and these kids are beside themselves.

I also did a good deed directly after this image was taken but I will share that with you next time okay?

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