‘Feeding Time’

L1080418 This image was taken whilst I was over in Emsworth recently.

I was alerted by the sound of the kids who were each shouting out with joy every time they managed to get the particular bird they had chosen to actually eat the squashed bread which they had carefully moulded before throwing it into the water.

After this shot had been taken I then walked around for well over an hour with my camera; and I even did a good deed for the day as I had alluded to in an earlier post and which was titled ‘Crabbing’
Just after I had taken the shot below of this young girl with her crab line in the water; and sitting on the sea wall with her bicycle on its stand behind her. The wind suddenly caught it and it crashed down behind her! Cascading the contents of her basket into the water.


Poor little thing then burst into tears and started to cry saying “Please can you help me; my mum will kill me?”

Looking into the water I saw her purse, one orange cardigan, some chocolate coins (still in their wrappers), one pair of flip-flops… and some paper and pens.

I did my best to reassure her and eventually we agreed that I lower her onto the ledge below where she could retrieve the said items and then hand these up to me. Luckily the water at this point was fairly shallow and once the task was complete I then grabbed her wrists and she scaled back up to the top of the wall to join me.  I wrung out her cardigan and lay other items on the wall in an attempt to help dry them off.

She was so grateful and seemed much happier in herself as I left her setting up the crab line once more. Only this time leaving her cycle lying flat on the ground behind her. 

So with my good deed done I must have then walked around for well over an hour.

Returning back though I noted that the little kids and their mums I had photographed earlier were all still there; and all still feeding the birds.

It was only when I studied the image a bit more closely back home that I noted  they actually had between them four large loaves of bread! No wonder they were still there eh?

I would honestly be surprised if these birds which you can see in shot today were ever capable of taking off again?

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