‘Boy in a Hat’

I am now hoping to use Sunday’s posting as my opportunity to publish some of my many family images.

I really do enjoy the days when we all manage to get to share time together; and this weekend has been no exception.

On Saturday we spent our evening enjoying a home made Mauritian meal over at my daughter Jodie’s with her partner Stef; and our youngest grandchild ‘Beau’

Jo made us  a beautiful dish known affectionately as an ‘upside down rice’ And wow…What a treat this turned out to be…seriously delicious food!

Whilst in contrast today; we were invited to the cinema to watch ‘How to train your dragon 2’ with my boy; his wife Kylie; and our other three gorgeous grandchildren Kaden, Megan, and Harri.

The film was excellent and offered a blend of fun, sadness, and sheer hilarity! I ended up with both girls sat on my knee throughout the whole movie; both eating chocolate; guzzling drinks and sharing popcorn and sour gums.

I truthfully consider myself a very fortunate person to be able to enjoy such a close and loving relationship with all of my family…and earlier we rounded the afternoon off sharing  a Sunday Lunch together.

“Some days are diamonds; some days are stone!”

Anyway here’s a sweet little shot of our Beau who had decided to try my garden hat on.

Still…I think he looks a thousand times better in it than I actually ever have.
Little Poseur that he is!

Thanks for stopping by tonight everyone. I always appreciate you taking the trouble.

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