IMG_4179 I had noticed this young lad and his dog on a couple of occasions before when I had been over at Chichester.

It was interesting to observe how differently people reacted on seeing these two approaching them.

For some there was no reaction whilst for others they were given a wide berth. In a couple of cases just their presence made some people; particularly those with youngsters; act in an almost extreme and hyper cautious manner?

Of course to some extent judging by what we regularly see and read in our daily newspapers this is completely understandable.

Often people see a young lad like this strutting confidently through the town centre. His hood pulled down covering his eyes and with a ‘Staffie’ walking obediently by his side.

It is this image which can cause some to initially stereo-type them?

Fortunately for me though after I had taken this shot I saw them again later on that afternoon; the guy was just sitting relaxing on a bench and his dog sitting quietly alongside him.

I stopped and asked if it was okay for me to stroke his dog? He immediately smiled and nodded me his permission. “He is a very friendly dog” he told me.

I spent a good few minutes with them both sharing a brief conversation before he checked his watch and apologised; saying that he must get going.

His dog was in the beautiful condition and was an absolute credit to him.

It’s such a shame how certain breeds such as this type; are still readily targeted by unscrupulous cruel and totally heartless individuals; often specifically for the purposes of dog fighting!

I just feel grateful in knowledge that there are still many more genuine kind animal lovers out there; individuals like this young lad above.

Many others whom I know from first hand experience would go without food themselves if it meant that their dog had to suffer.

This young fella was one such a person.

For both him and this dog; there existed just one rule…a shared loyal and unconditional friendship!

5 thoughts on “‘Stereo-type?’

  1. As a person who shares her life with a canine companion, I love reading posts like this that showcase other caring dog owners. Thank you for the bright spot!

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