L1080644 Firstly huge congratulations to Portsmouth for once again arranging and organising this amazing two day event held this year on Southsea Seafront. I am seriously in awe at the amount of work and effort which has gone into setting all of this up. Credit where credit is due!
victoriousThe poster above will give you some idea of the calibre of entertainment which people can look forward to both today and tomorrow. All for the princely sum of just £20 per ticket per day!

I actually took a look down there yesterday; just to see how the structuring of the main stages and marquees were coming along and happened to snap this little image of a young family; all out on their bikes and taking advantage of one last cycle ride across this field before it was all shut down to the public; ready for the long awaited utterly Victorious weekend festival.

I loved the little lad top left in this image. He looked like he was guiding in an aircraft to land as he frantically waved with his little arms around in every direction.

Have a good one Portsmouth! You so deserve it!

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