‘Our Beau’

L1080599 Here is my first ‘Sunday photographic contribution’ in which I will be featuring members of my own incredible family.

Maybe your family is similar to mine inasmuch as some are hugely comfortable around the camera; such as our youngest grandchild Beau here!
Whereas others need to almost vet each of the shots which you may be proposing to submit before you dare even think about pressing publish?

I will nevertheless be attempting to include as many willing members of our clan as is humanly possible over the coming weeks and months; as I do have a rather comprehensive library of all of them in a variety of crazy situations.

Many of these I am quite sure I could bribe them with?  Were it ever n my nature to do such a thing?

Meanwhile let me introduce you all to Beau… a little boy who just loves to read about and especially to watch heavy machinery in action! He is quite simply ‘Digger’ mad!!

He’s a little boy who is never happier than when he is outdoors; and who without question; can effortlessly be funnier than a box of frogs!

Therefore any time I ever get to spend with this little man is without question; time very well spent.

We all adore and absolutely love him to bits!

6 thoughts on “‘Our Beau’

  1. Hello Bob, my friend. You’re grandson is absolutely adorable! Isn’t it amazing the joy they bring to our lives! I just talked to my granddaughter for the first time on Skype a few minutes ago and it was so much fun….love that i’m going to be able to see her now as she calls to tell me goodnight each evening. I hope you have a wonderful Monday – be well!

    • Hello you lovely lady. How kind of you to comment and to offer up such kind references about our Beau. I am truly blessed as are you now my good friend in having this new connection with your own little grand daughter?
      How lucky are we?
      Great hearing from you as always.
      Keep in touch now
      Bob x

    • That is my objective Patti. I get told off for buying so much stuff for me and him to play with in our garden.
      But hey that’s my job after all isn’t it?
      Really nice to hear from you…as always!
      Bob x

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