‘Staying in’

L1080475 It is still raining as I write this brief blog entry tonight.

It had started this morning when I woke up and snapped this shot from outside of our back door…and it has continued ever since.

“Good for the garden though” as my little missus keeps telling me.
Anyway any plans we had for our Bank Holiday Monday went straight out the window.

So instead we spent our day reading and watching a bit of telly. We had copious cups of tea and coffee and I even elected to make our evening meal tonight. This comprised of a green salad, cherry tomatoes cucumber and fresh beetroot. Some hot buttered sweet corn and a delicious garlic kiev!

(Yeah I know…I thought that might impress you?) Eat your heart out Jamie Oliver.

Anyway; whatever you are all doing this evening; I hope that you are having a blast; and that you are all well and happy and smiling?

See you tomorrow; I’m off for a lie down…guess who we are baby sitting tomorrow?

One thought on “‘Staying in’

  1. The weather today feels as if snow is on the way! Late October chill in the air….but it’s still August!! I have a feeling we’re in for another cold winter. However, still many photos to be taken no matter the season 🙂

    Happy, smiling and about to have a great supper! Cheers, Bob!

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