‘Old School’

IMG_4223 Over at one of my favourite haunts and I spotted this elderly lady striding purposefully out across the road.

The lighting was interesting and the shadows more pronounced. Although I wasn’t really sure if the image in my viewfinder was going to transfer quite so well?

However, it didn’t look all that bad once I had returned home and edited it slightly? Well at least I thought so anyway.

I have seen this lady before on my travels through Chichester and she always strikes me as a very strong and independent individual? One who would take no-nonsense?

That walking cane though; the one which she vigorously strikes on the road ahead of her; seems almost superfluous to her needs? Indeed it’s more like a prop or even a fashion statement?

I only say this because she always walks in such a confident and robust manner. Unless of course it is like a placebo and allows her to feel more confident knowing she has it to hand?

I bet though that despite my assumptions; if she were a grandma then she would definitely be the sort who spoils her grandchildren rotten? One whose outward appearance masks a warm and a very gentle demeanour?

After all initial appearances can be very deceptive now can’t they?

I say this because in honesty; for one brief moment I had thought of this fine lady as reminding me of a modern day version ‘Wicked witch of the West’ perhaps heading towards her bicycle; that one with the bent handlebars and the baker’s basket placed at the rear; grimacing… “I’ll get you and your little dog too” followed by the obligatory sounds of maniacal laughter?

No offence intended of course! That was just me being brutally honest with you all as to how I had initially interpreted this capture!

5 thoughts on “‘Old School’

  1. It’s funny that as I was looking at your image and reading your words, I had that refrain from the Wizard of Oz playing in my head. “I’ll get you and your little dog too!” really captures the melody of the orchestra, doesn’t it?

    But seriously. I use a crutch, and if it’s a good day I walk quite forcefully and probably look a bit like she does. It gives me confidence and balance. That might be her case, too.

    • Hello my friend
      I hope that you weren’t under the impression I was being rude? It was also my though that the cane offered support and confidence.
      I adore the film and the image of the witch is iconic!
      Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and comment.
      Hope you are well?

      • Ohhh, no no Bob, you weren’t rude, not at all! Darn, that’s the problem with blogosphere comments with no body language or context. I was agreeing with you, and also acknowledging an insightful comment that YOU made about her balance, and how her crutch might help that.

        And, I have had that melody in my head for several hours now. Time to pull up the Wizard of Oz to watch again, I think! 🙂

        (And yes, I am quite well — as I hope you are also!)

  2. This is a brilliant photo, Bob! Love the shadow and the way you describe your image is equally fantastic. She definitely has an solid posture! Very strong; she appears to be on a mission!

    • Hello my friend
      I always smile when you are kind enough to comment on my posts. I truly do strive to improve and so appreciate your take on it!
      Thank you Mike you’re a good man

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